There's one word I keep hearing every time I tell someone the story about how I said screw everything and moved to LA: "brave".

"You're so brave! I could never do that!" strangers say, their eyes widened. Even The Guy I Like recently said when describing me, "you're braver than you know". It's been hard for me to really believe that, because when I think of brave I think of a single mother who has mouths to feed and no income, yet still figures it out. Or a rape victim who has to recount that awful experience in a courtroom full of people. A man who risks his own life when he sees a woman in danger outside of a bar. That's brave. I simply wasn't happy and chose a different path for my life. 

...Apparently I need to work on accepting compliments better. Okay fine, I can be brave too, because there are different kinds of bravery. Honestly, even after 10 months, it still hasn't 100% sunk in that I live here (hence the lack of blogging). It's kind of crazy how long it takes our minds to process a big change. I was talking to my best friend on the phone earlier (for 2 hours, even though we literally talk every day. I don't know how we always find something to talk about) and The Thing I Rarely Talk About hit me. "I still can't believe that happened. What do you mean I got dumped by a text message while I was at work? How did that not make me a crazy person?" I said between laughs (thank God I can laugh about it now). Of course she had the best response: "He should be glad I'm not his ex-girlfriend. I would have shown up at his house at least 3 times after that." which sent me into a fit of giggles because I can totally see her doing that.

Whether we want to accept it or not, we all have bravery in us. Just listen to your gut, because bravery usually follows. 


Image via Pinterest... I would never jump off of a perfectly good cliff.

Posted on October 11, 2016 and filed under Life.