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It feels good to be back, y'all.


Mascara and Primer set, $22 at Sephora

I have the worst eyelashes and it drives me crazy. They don't stay curled and aren't very long. I've tried almost every mascara out there and finally found a good one! I almost hugged the girl at GNC who complimented me on my eyelashes the other day I was so happy and in such shock. THANK YOU URBAN DECAY I LOVE YOU. 

UD has some really good eyeliner too! I got this set from Sephora for only $45 that includes the mascara, primer, two eyeliners, an eye pen, and a really cute bag.

Okay enough about Urban Decay. 


Black Tory Burch tote bag, $295

I got really lucky that I graduated from the Circus a month before my birthday, because I was able to convince my Dad that I should combine gifts for both events and get this amazing tote bag. It's the perfect size for an overnight bag or an airport carry-on since it can fit my laptop and other necessities. And it's beautiful and goes with everything. 


ModCloth is my new favorite place to online shop. Entering the Real World (along with turning 25) made me realize my wardrobe needed a major update - goodbye mini skirts, hello age-appropriate clothes. And this amazing store is perfect because it has a plethora of cute options for girls with Kardashian curves like myself at really good prices. And they e-mail me coupons all the time! Saving money is the way to my little shopping addicted heart. 


My sorority days at Alabama are long behind me, so I look forward to anything where I can reunite with my old friends since we're all scattered around the country. And of course I love any kind of social event. This past weekend I attended my Little's wedding in beautiful Naples, Florida. So many feels! I'm usually not a big crier (no, really - I just finished reading The Fault in Our Stars and didn't shed a tear), but everything was so sweet I was crying like a little baby.

Now I need another friend to hurry up and get married so I can help plan it! Next time I will bring tissues. 

Posted on October 27, 2014 .