So a cool thing about my new Interactive Design class is we submit our homework via blog posts. Which means you, my lucky readers, get to learn a thing or two when you stalk me on the interweb.

Anyway, the homework is to provide three examples of inspirational interface design.

1. Art of the Cap - Speedo USA

Ah, this site is so clean and simple and grid-dy and beautiful. So basically, each USA Olympic swimmer was paired with an artist who designed their swimcap. When you hover over the picture of the swimmer, it changes to a picture of them actually swimming along with their name and their artist. Also, when you hover over "ART OF THE CAP" it has more detailed information about the project. The primary user goal is to see the awesome artwork on the swimcaps and these Olympic athletes. The secondary user goal is to get more information about the project and the artists. I wouldn't change the UX at all - it's super clean and easy to navigate.

2. Red Square Agency

Now this is just crazy. So I was browsing awwwards for this assignment and came across this site since I'm such a sucker for some good typography (and dirty words). Immediately I fell in love with their website - from the super clean and simple design to the super easy navigation. Then I started browsing their work and came across my alma mater (University of Alabama) and fell even more in love. Then I saw work for my hometown (Mobile, Alabama) and was like waiiiiit a minute. Then everything clicked that this was the website for an agency in Mobile I had heard of a couple times before called Red Square. I've always had a bad taste in my mouth about Mobile since graduating high school and getting the hell out of there. But after looking at Red Square's website, I actually reconsidered Mobile. I hope my mom doesn't read this because then the "So when are you moving back?" questions will become even more frequent.

Okay back to homework. The primary user goal is to show Red Square's work and personality. The secondary user goal is to receive even more information about the agency. Overall this website did a great job showing all of these things. Oh and whoever the Copywriter on this site is, I want to grab a beer with you next time I'm home because you're freaking hilarious.

3. Dior

It wouldn't be a blog post of mine if there wasn't any fashion in it. So the header on Dior's website is pretty awesome. Super easy to navigate through, and I love that each link changes the overall picture. Sometimes even to a video. It made me explore the site more than I normally would have because I wanted to see what would pop up when I hovered over each link. It gets a little boring on the home page once you scroll down past the header. But I do like how clean the grid is of the beautiful pictures. The primary user goal is to learn more about the Dior brand and see what all it has to offer. The secondary user goal is to view Dior Magazine because they mention it multiple times.

Posted on January 14, 2014 .